New Head of Institute at Ilisimatusarfik

New Head of Institute at Ilisimatusarfik


The Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism (which includes the programmes of Journalism, Social Work, Social Science and Business Economics) gets a new head of institute.

PhD Gestur Hovgaard comes from a position as an associate professor at the University of the Faroe Islands, and he takes up the position as new head of institute on 15 March 2017.

Gestur Hovgaard is an interdisciplinary social scientist with broad empirical reference in the North Atlantic / Arctic. Since he got his degree in 1993, Gestur Hovgaard has worked at Faroese and Danish research institutions, but also in the private sector. He has been programme director and is a member of the university board and the research council of the Faroe Islands, and also chairman of the Faroese social studies association.

His experience and interest in educational planning, interdisciplinary research, developing of master concepts for small island communities, as well as his attitude to and experience in making communication of research findings available to decision makers and the public are some of the main reasons that Gestur has been chosen for the position.

With his background in and experience from the Faroese research and teaching environment, Gestur Hovgaard will bring in knowledge and skills, and cooperate with researchers and lecturers at the Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism and the university as a whole - thus helping to bring new angles and strategies for Ilisimatusarfik's social research in play.

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