Ilisimatusarfik's Strategic Research & Development Pool

Ilisimatusarfik's Strategic Research & Development Pool


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This year, no less than 20 good applications were received for Ilisimatusarfik's Strategic Research and Development Pool.

Applicants to the pool received answers to their applications in the beginning of December, and out of a total of 20 applications, 16 projects have been allocated funds from the pool.

Below you can see which applications were allocated funds.


  • Louise Pindstrup Andersen: Teaching that motivates - tools for student involvement and student participation in primary school (DKK 96.500,-)
  • Anders Øgaard: Distance learning in shop class (DKK 138.394,-) 
  • Eva Totzski & Lars Demant-Poort: No one has technical terminology as a native language (DKK 200.000,-) 
  • Karina Hofman: Finding a Voice - creative writing in primary school (DKK 23.000,-) 
  • Peter Berliner: Problem-oriented teaching methods and learning facilities at the university with a particular focus on social sciences (DKK 90.000,-)
  • Anne Lise Kappel: Sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in education (DKK 123.150,-)
  • Steven Arnfjord: A social planning approach to Greenlandic homelessness (DKK 41.060,-)
  • Allan Olsen: Status and future opportunities for the agricultural industry in Greenland - multidisciplinary synthesis report (tildelt: DKK 300.000,-)
  • Rasmus Leander Nielsen: Conference and Workshop: From Grøxit to partnership, conference on Greenland's relations with the EU (DKK 175.000,-)
  • Laila Hedegaard Pedersen: Foreign language teaching in Greenlandic, Danish and English with a theme about tense (DKK 200.000,-)
  • Jette Rygaard: Grants for publication of a book about Greenland's youth (DKK 50.000,-)
  • Jette Rygaard: BUFFI-Conference (DKK 147.500,-)
  • Per Arnfjord: Development and implementation of webshop to (DKK 100.000,-)
  • PhD schoolPhD course in March 2018 (DKK 120.000,-)
  • Maria Ackrén: "The Politics of Uranium and Rare Earth Elements in Greenland" (DKK 50.000,-)


The pool corresponds to 2% of Ilisimatusarfik's total budget and is formed by the initiative of the Board.

All employees and students at Ilisimatusarfik can apply for funds from the pool - and it is used for a number of activities that fall outside normal operation or strengthen areas that are particularly important for the following purposes:

  1. Research & education
  2. Interdisciplinary research and development projects
  3. Research and development relating to the relationship between education and the needs of the surrounding community
  4. Projects that optimize Ilisimatusarfik's administrative operations and development potential

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