Arctic Oil and Gas Research Centre
Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism
Manutooq 1, 3905 Nuussuaq
Postboks 1061
Room: C219
Phone: +299 38 56 00

Anne Merrild Hansen
Phone: +45 2537 3915

Rachael Lorna Johnstone
Phone: +354 460 8666

Anne and Rachael are delighted to meet with any interested persons or institutions to discuss the Centre´s research activities. They can be contacted by email to arrange for telephone or skype meetings at any time but they are also in Greenland and available for face to face meetings.

Seminar 17/10/17

This one-day intensive seminar explores the status of public participation in extractive industry decision making in the Arctic and look for ways to improve the quality of the experience and the results for all stakeholders

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