October 2016

Together with five coauthors, Anne has published a new article in the journal Regional Environmental Change (19 October 2016): "Why cumulative impacts assessments of hydrocarbon activities in the Arctic fail to meet their purpose". The article presents an analysis of environmental assessments conducted in relation to offshore hydrocarbon activities in Russia, Alaska, Canada, Norway and Greenland.


August 2016

Anne published a report, this month, presenting a comparative study of offshore environmental impact assessment legislation in Greenland, Denmark, Canada, Alaska and Norway. The report is in Danish, but includes a summary in Greenlandic and English. It can be downloaded free here:

As a part of the study, two workshops were undertaken involving stakeholders in Nuuk. Supplementary reports describing the planning and output of the workshops can be downloaded here: and here:


May 2016

Anne wrote a short article for the journal Northern Public Affairs which was published May 1st.: Offshore oil exploration and impact assessment in Greenland gives a brief overview of the requirements and challenges when it comes to assessing impacts and securing local benefits.


April 2016

Rachael has recently published two new papers on Arctic affairs. The first, Environmental Governance through the Arctic Council: the Arctic Council as Initiator of Norms of International Environmental Law explores the role of the Arctic Council in developing environmental law in the Arctic Region. It is published as the first Working Paper of the new Polar Cooperation and Research Centre of Kobe University, Japan.

The second paper, Little Italy, Seeking a Niche in Arctic International Relations, was cowritten by with Federica Scarpa, an Italian anthropologist with a masters degree in Polar law. It reviews Italy‘s latest Arctic policy document which was released in December 2015 and evaluates, amongst other interests, Italy‘s emphasis on Arctic oil and gas and its promotion of Italian Oil Company, Eni.

Both papers can be downloaded free of charge from the links above.


March 2016

Rachael has recently published a chapter entitled "The Principle of ‘Full Reparation’ for Environmental Damage and Very Small States" in a new book. Rachael’s chapter explores the problems that would arise should Greenland face an overwhelming claim for reparation that would dwarf its small budget. The book is called "Responsibilities and Liabilities for Commercial Activity in the Arctic: The Example of Greenland" and it examines some of the legal aspects relating to responsibility and liability for natural resource activities, maritime transport and commercial activities in Greenland. The book‘s editors are Vibe Ulbeck, Anders Møllmann and Bent Ole Gram Mortensen and it is part of the series Routledge Research in International Environmental Law. The book was developed by the Faculty of Law and the CEVIA Institute, both of the University of Copenhagen.