Grønlandsk kultur- og samfundsforskning 1995-1996

Grønlandsk kultur- og samfundsforskning 1995-1996

1995 1996


Essays in Honour of Professor Robert Petersen

Jette Arneberg: Exchanges between Norsemen and Eskimos in Greenland.

Knut Bergsland: Loanwords and Neologisms in Aleut Compared with Greenlandic.

Louis-Jacques Dorais: Inuugatta inuulerpugut: Kalaallit and Canadian Inuit Identities.

Michael Fortescue: West Greenlandic half-transitive affixes in a diachronic perspective.

Milton M.R. Freeman: Why mattak and other kalaalimerngit (local foods) matter.

Rolf Gilberg: When the "Moon Beings" visited The Only People in the World. The first ethnographical notes on the Inughuit, a North Greenland Inuit people.

Bjarne Grønnow: Driftwood and Saqqaq Culture Woodworking in West Greenland.

Hans Christian Gulløv: Reading the Thule culture - history between archaeology and ethnography.

Elina Helander: Development, knowledge and sami reindeer herding.

Birgitte Jocobsen: Ukiut 30-nngornerat. New Reading Investigations.

Ivar Jónsson: Reflexive Modernization, Organizational Dependency and Global Systems of Embedded Develop,ment - A post-Colonial View.

Inge Kleivan: An ethnic perspective on Greenlandic food.

Karen Langgård: Does Greenlandic Literature Call for a Specific Greenlandic Literary Theory?

Per Langgård: "Grønlandsk som fremmedsprog" revisited. On the question of typological distance in the L2 classroom.

Ole Marquardt: 'Experienced hands': Seniority of the Hudson's Bay Company's employees and of the employees of the KGH in Nuuk, Qeqertarsuatsiaat and Qaqortoq in the mid-19th century.

Hans Junker Mortensen: Greenland's bilateral fisheries agreement with the European Union.

Ludger Müller-Wille: Geographical and Territorial Concepts in Inuit Toponymy: Names of Offshore Features in Nunavik.

Jørgen Rischel: The Making of Modern Greenlandic Dictionaries.

Jette Rygaard: Symbolic Language. Universal Language in Mythical Literature or .. Are Myths to be Expounded?

Birgitte Sonne: Genuine Humans and "Others". Criteria of "otherness" at the beginning of colonization in Greenland.

Kirsten Thisted: Republication of Greenlandic Tales Collected in the Nineteenth Century.

Hanne Thomsen: Between Traditionalism and Modernity.

Klaus Georg Hansen: Robert Petersen: Bibliography 1944 - 1995.

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