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These pages contain descriptions of work by the following six artists: Aka Høegh, Anne-Birthe Hove, Julie Edel Hardenberg, Miki Jacobsen, Hans Lynge and Harald Moltke.

The first four artists are more representative of the present and the modern, whilst the latter two artists represent something of the more traditional Greenland.

It is with both pride and pleasure that precisely these atists have found a place at Ilimmarfik and that so many people can gain daily pleasure from their works.

Ilimmarfik received several of the works as gifts to mark its inauguration. The Denmark-Greenland Cultural Foundation has financed the works of Aka Høegh, while the Augustinus Foundation has financed the works of Anne-Birthe Hove. Julie Edel Hardenberg has gifted her own photografic works, and Nuuk Council has gifted the work of Miki Jacobsen.



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