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Aka Høegh

The story of this piece of art starts with the picture in the dining area with the green oval. It is a fusion of past and present. At the back there is a picture depicting the creation of humankind according to Greenlandic tradition, with two children found among willow twigs. At the front of the vicinity, the present is symbolised with an egg in transparent acrylic. Eggs, like humans, are fragile and delicate and break when hit.

On the opposite side of the room is the future. Now the egg appears askew. The juxtaposition of square and other shapes indicate the mess of the future, displaying a multitude of new ideas. 

The theme of the balcony is communication, the source of knowledge. The black and white background remind one of reading, whilst the small kayaks sailing up and down on the waves represent the first communication between people in Greenland, when they had to sail to deliver news.

By the stairs is situated the tree of knowledge, with a root going down its large, heavy concrete just like a trunk, which its leaves, made of light acrylic, make it possible to see inside. The individually design of the leaves complement the concrete beautifully and make it less harsh.

On 13 May 2014, Aka Hoegh presented the lectern, she had made especially for Ilimmarfik.

At the presentation, Aka Hoegh told of the ideas behind the design of the lectern - that the "trunk symbolizes our history and culture - where we come from. The green leaf symbolizes new ideas and thoughts".

The lectern is designed with driftwood, and in the style of the rest of the art decorations in Ilimmarfik building.

The lecturn is a gift from the Government of Greenland by the then government member Tommy Marøe, and it was given at the inauguration of Ilimmarfik.


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