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Anne-Birthe Hove

The "Panoptic" room is a place to take a rest between lectures and other activities. For this reason, the aim of the decoration is to create a meditative atmosphere - like taking a deep breath. An artwork with lights create that opportunity, while at the same time lending a tactile quality to the large concrete surface. The figures had several different forms during the process of their creation, but ended as one square brought together with the different elements to create a single whole - or rather several knowledge areas that have been brought together, as in the case of Ilimmarfik.

The light is computer controlled and in its current form operates on a two-hour-and-fifty-one-minute loop, but with many other combination possibilities.

The auditorium is a place for listening, which is why hearing is the starting point for the records that hang on either side of the room. You alternate from side to side, listening to the specially composed fragments, telling about nomadic ancestors, a collective winter hut building, and, of course, the ears.

On the rear wall hangs a brain in carved and silver painted wood. What shines out of the side of the brain comes from what originally held it together. The yellow light symbolising here, as in the panoptic room, the colour of enlightment or knowledge. Finally, there is a heart, highlighting the importance of using both the intellect and the heart.


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