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Prices and awards

Every year, Ilisimatusarfik organises our traditional annual celebration where we mark our foundation - and this is also the point in time where we appoint honorary doctorates.

Honorary doctoral degrees are awarded to persons within Ilisimatusarfik's research area estimated to have scientifically earned to be honoured with the highest academic degree.

The prerequisite to be considered for the award of honorary doctorate is that the person concerned has made a comprehensive and meaningful effort at the international level. Normally, s/he has also played an important part in research and research education at Ilisimatusarfik - as a guest lecturer or through international research collaboration - or s/he has in some other way worked for the development of society in a considerable number of years.

In the past, honorary doctoral degrees have been awarded to:

  • Robert Petersen
  • Michael Hauser
  • Henrik Wilhjelm
  • Finn Lynge
  • Christian Berthelsen
  • Gert Mulvad
  • Inge Kleivan
  • Jakob Janussen
  • Sofie Petersen
  • Aqqaluk Lynge

Besides the honorary certificate, the honorary doctorate also receives an emblem in Greenlandic gold.