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Terms and conditions of purchase

Below is a description of our terms and conditions of purchase in connection with ordering and payment on Ilisimatusarfik’s (University of Greenland’s) webshop

Payment & price

All prices displayed on our webshop are in Danish kroner (DKK) and do not include shipping, and all payments are made in DKK.

All prices are current and applicable on the day of ordering. Prices are subject to change but normally by ongoing adjustment.

Upon selecting a shipping method, the expected shipping costs are calculated according to the customer’s selected delivery point. The total purchase price including shipping will then appear in the ‘Delivery Area’ field.

We accept the following debit and credit cards: Dankort, Visa/Dankort, Visa and Mastercard.

Product information

Our webshop displays the essential characteristics of the items for sale. For further information, please contact Ilisimatusarfik at

Delivery method & delivery time

All webshop purchases to Greenland and Europe are shipped by sea from Ilisimatusarfik. For the rest of the world, purchases are delivered by airmail. Please allow for some delivery time due to conditions in Greenland. You can also collect your order personally at Ilisimatusarfik in Nuuk.

For the purpose of goods delivery, Ilisimatusarfik uses the services of the postal and parcel service TELEPOST Greenland and its affiliates.

For more information about shipping times, please visit their website (in Danish and Greenlandic).

As soon as Ilisimatusarfik has shipped your order, you will receive a notification e-mail. Where possible, the e-mail will contain the track & trace number and the expected delivery time.

Delivery stability

Ilisimatusarfik reserves the right to cancel purchases of out-of-stock items or designs.


The presentation of goods with their corresponding price does not constitute a binding offer but an invitation to make an offer. Your placement of an order on does not constitute a binding acceptance. Rather, it constitutes a binding offer to Ilisimatusarfik to your purchase of the goods under the stated terms. A binding agreement between you as the customer and Ilisimatusarfik is not entered until Ilisimatusarfik accepts the offer made by you by confirming your order.

Confirmation of order

An order confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address provided by you at the first given opportunity and usually within 1–3 business days. Ilisimatusarfik reserves the right to extend this period in cases where, for administrative reasons, an extension is unavoidable.


The account details provided for the purchase are sent encrypted (SSL) directly to PBS (a Nordic payment service provider). At this stage, only the customer and PBS have access to the payment details. For purchases made with Dankort or other credit cards, the amount will be withdrawn from the customer’s account when the item is shipped from Ilisimatusarfik.

Risk of accidental destruction or accidental deterioration

Risk of accidental destruction or accidental deterioration of the ordered goods passes to the customer only when the goods are handed over to the customer.

Claims for defects by the customer

Ilisimatusarfik provides a 2-year warranty from the date of invoice covering manufacturing defects and material defects. The warranty does not cover errors, damage or wear, directly or indirectly caused by improper operation, poor maintenance, acts of violence or unauthorised actions. An invoice must be presented to Ilisimatusarfik in connection with a warranty claim. Any claims regarding defects in a delivered product must, upon discovery by the customer, be directed to Ilisimatusarfik as soon as possible and within a reasonable time (for consumer purchases, notification within 2 months after the defect has been discovered is considered reasonable time). Failure to give notification within this time limit will result in the customer’s loss of his or her right to claim the defect. The customer must indicate the nature of the defect.

Right of cancellation

If the customer for any reason wants to cancel a purchase, Ilisimatusarfik must be notified of this within 14 days of delivery, Ilisimatusarfik will then refund the amount received. Goods returned carriage forward or cash on delivery will not be accepted.

When returning a purchase, please use a parcel delivery service that offers tracking of the parcel in case it should be lost during return shipping. Return the item properly packaged together with a copy of the invoice, and please clearly indicate that you wish to make use of the right of cancellation and that you request a reimbursement of the item(s) returned. We also kindly ask you to state the reason for cancelling your purchase (not a requirement). Please note that the return of fabrics with printed artwork/text are subject to special cancellation terms.

If you have chosen to collect your purchase at Ilisimatusarfik and you have received a notification from Ilisimatusarfik stating that your goods are ready for collection, Ilisimatusarfik reserves the right to cancel your purchase in case you fail to collect your purchase within 14 days. The same terms apply if another delivery date is agreed upon. In case the purchase is cancelled by Ilisimatusarfik for this reason, Ilisimatusarfik will reimburse the purchase price to the account used when purchasing. If you still wish to go through with the purchase, we kindly ask you to place your order again. Please note that the return of fabrics with printed artwork/text are subject to special cancellation terms.

Disclaimer and warranty

Ilisimatusarfik is not liable for direct or indirect loss due to the late delivery of goods ordered or if the goods ordered are defective when the delay or defect is due to acts or the omission of acts by the buyer or circumstances beyond Ilisimatusarfik’s control, such as interventions by the state or government, labour conflicts of any kind, including strikes and lockouts, or similar circumstances.

Reservation of the right to make changes 

Ilisimatusarfik reserves the right to at any time change and update the terms and conditions of purchase applicable to the webshop.

Special terms regarding the purchase of fabrics with printed artwork/text 

Provided that Ilisimatusarfik does not already have prefabricated fabrics with printed artwork/text in stock, artwork/logos/text etc. are not applied to fabrics until an order from the customer has been received by Ilisimatusarfik. However, the customer is still entitled to claim defects on the item that were present upon receipt of the item.

For purchases where the customer has stated a wish to collect the purchase at Ilisimatusarfik and the customer subsequently fails to collect the purchase, Ilisimatusarfik cannot cancel the purchase. Ilisimatusarfik will store the purchase for the customer at the customer’s expense. If the storage costs exceed the price of the purchase, Ilisimatusarfik reserves the right to sell the item or items purchased to another buyer or to destroy the items.


If you have a complaint about your purchase, please contact Ilisimatusarfik at and we will do our best to find a solution.

Should you still not be satisfied with the result, you can file a complaint with the Consumer Complaints Board. Find out more at the Competition and Consumer Authority’s website (in Danish and Greenlandic).