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From Education to Job - the Long Way Around

When Helle Hansen Rosing passed her A-levels in 2002, the plan was somewhat clear. She was going to study at Niuernermik Ilinniarfik commercial college, and had saved up some money for accommodation. That is not how it went.

Helle needed a change of air, and instead she used her savings to travel around the world as a backpacker with a friend. When she returned home, the education plan had changed, and instead Helle was accepted at the social science basic year at Aalborg University. She had an idea that she was going to continue her degree in BSc Econ/business economy after the basic year, but instead she chose to move back home to Nuuk to, among other things, help her father wind up his company.

After that, I applied for the administration programme at Ilisimatusarfik and were accepted. It was a great time with great solidarity among the students, also across the programmes. The classes were very different compared to Denmark, in a good way, with a closer relationship to the lecturers due to small classes, and she remembers the beautiful setting in the old Hernnhut building”.

Helle and her fellow students did get to move into the brand new premises in the Ilisimatusarfik building before she finished her Bachelor degree in 2008, during which time she was also working in the Department for Industry.

After that, she went to Copenhagen with her boyfriend, where she quickly got a job at “Industriens Pension”, a labour market pension scheme for industrial employees, before the couple moved to Aalborg and she began studying a Master degree in tourism.

I never really finished that, since I was both on maternity leave and away from the studies for a long time because my father became ill and passed away. On the other hand, I was self-employed several times, both running my father’s former company and producing films with a friend”, says Helle Hansen Rosing.

Since April 2015, she has been employed in the HR department of the energy company Nukissiorfiit. Here she is very much utilizing her Bachelor degree from Ilisimatusarfik.

At the administration course, I was studying, among others, the subjects administrative law, political science and organisation, which benefit me now. The theories from organisation makes a lot of sense when I’m working in a company, which is so large and spread over the whole country. In addition, from political science I have insight into the mechanics that drive a net-controlled, self-governed, self-owned company, where the important decisions are made through the political level. Professionally, I got the basis to be able to hold a job as HR consultant from my studies”, she explains.

Helle Hansen Rosing is on maternity leave with her second child until December 2016, when she will return to her job. She has, however, not entirely given up with regard to further education, and dreams about perhaps doing a Master degree or similar sometime in the future. Right now, she is more than happy to work with the theories in practice.

- Text Pia C. Bang / Apropos and photographer Ulrik Bang


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