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Greenland is like the weather: everyone is talking about it, but no one is doing anything about it! Greenland has been like a magnet for scientists for decades. In the same period, it has been a fact that a large part of the scientific research done in and around Greenland only to a small degree has been activated as a benefit for Greenlandic society, for example as research that has resulted in creation of new businesses.

It is the aim of a collaboration between Ilisimatusarfik and the University of Copenhagen – Greenland Perspective – to change this. The initiative is an open, interdisciplinary collaboration, which is inviting scientists, the business community, authorities and civil society to work together in order to investigate what it is that Greenland has to offer – both in terms of natural and human resources. What is Greenland? What is Greenland able to? Moreover, how can the country’s special resources and character traits become an international competitive advantage – instead of copying what everyone else is doing?

The target is for science in collaboration with, among others, the business community to contribute to the multi-faceted growth and development – for example in terms of employment – which is commonly recognized as what Greenland needs. The science community may be able to help providing an answer. The collaboration with specific businesses can contribute to develop and, not the least, test if the scientists’ knowledge and ideas can stand up when they meet reality.

Greenland Perspective is an open collaboration that is financed from project to project, and hence dependent on participating scientists and businesses contributing own resources in the form of funding, data and analysis capacity.

The advantage of becoming part of the initiative is that you as a business get access to an international network and analysis power and collaborative opportunities with a number of partners, which you perhaps did not even know you could benefit from. If you, as a business, have an idea to discuss, you are welcome to contact the leader of the initiative, Professor Minik Rosing.


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