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Guest lecturer

On this page you can find information for you as a guest lecturer at Ilisimatusarfik.

Ilisimatusarfik makes a contract with all guest lecturers - and the contract contains information regarding:

  • teaching
  • travel booking
  • IT registration
  • salary payment

Guest lecturers who do not live in Nuuk receive travel to Nuuk and back in the case of teaching with physical attendance - this is provided for in the contract itself.

Guest lecturers who do not live in Nuuk will receive help with accommodation.

Ilisimatusarfik rents 3 accommodation areas in Eqalugalinnguit - and you can read practical information about the accommodation here.

Please also read more about our accommodation guidelines.

You can also view Eqalugalinnguit on Google Maps here.


Driving to Eqalugalinnguit

If you are not picked up at the airport, you can take a taxi. Just remember to get a receipt, write your name, "from" and "to" on the back of the receipt. The receipt is to be attached to reimbursement of travel expenses.

You can view bus connections in Nuuk here.

You can also view the busses in realtime here.

Nearest bus stop from your address is bus stop no. 9: Eqalugalinnguit Tasiat.

We use the study management software Lectio for everything concerning student administration. You will be sent a password, so you can login to Lectio and view your schedule, student lists, upload documents to your course(s) etc.

You login to Lectio here:

About schedules

The head of department provides Student services with schedule information. In case of major changes, please contact the head of department, who will notify Student services of the rescheduling / changes. For minor changes, such as cancellations due to illness or emergency rescheduling of lessons, you can contact Student services that will arrange for changes. Remember that all changes to the schedule must be made on Lectio, and only there - otherwise we lose track. You are welcome to cancel lessons yourself in the event of acute illness, which for example affects morning classes. In that case, it is a good idea to write to the students and cancel the lessons on Lectio.

About documents

You have the possibility to upload documents to the students on Lectio. To do so, click on Documents in the taskbar, find the course you want to upload documents to (click on the yellow folder Course). You can upload as many files as you want - and sort them into folders, if you wish.

About messages to students

You have the option to send messages to the students you are teaching by searching under Recipients.

About the exam plan

The exam plan is also posted on Lectio – here you can see the date and students registered for the exam.

We use WISEflow to manage exams.

Login to WISEflow is done using your unimail at: / login / edugain / type your whole unimail and the password you normally use.

On WISEflow you can download the students' assignments, you can view the times of any oral exams (it is the system that generates the exam times - you are not allowed to make your own list) - and you finally give the grade inside the system after the exam.

If there is a need for small adjustments in the order list on WISEflow, please feel free to contact

Once the exam plan and flows have been created, guest lecturers are invited to an introductory / information course on how to use WISEflow. At the same time, questions can be asked about the exam process, responsibilities before, during and after the exam, etc.

There are different flow types that we use. Flowcombine is used when students have to hand in an assignment (on the main flow) and defend it orally (on the sub flow). It is on the sub flow that you have to give the grade.

The janitor takes care of the practical things in connection with the room where the exam is to be held - i.e., puts green cloth on the table, provides paper and writing utensils, etc.

If an exam is to be held online via Microsoft Teams, the procedure is that you arrange this with the head of department, who will pass this on to Student Services. Student Services has a collaboration with the IT department, so that they can see information on Lectio, when a Microsoft Teams link is to be created for use in online exams. The link will be sent to you directly by the IT department.

For the oral exams, you have the possibility to make an order concerning coffee etc. for you and the censor using this link. Alternatively, you can arrange with the head of department for her / him to do this for you.

A Study handbook has been prepared for our students, where relevant information is listed in alphabetical order (in Greenlandic and Danish).

In this you can read more about various aspects of the exam, including the option for students to complain, cheating, plagiarism, etc. On WISEflow, a percentage is given in relation to text similarity, which indicates matching text / high similarity in content.

If you discover a high probability of plagiarism in an assignment, you should contact the head of department, who will then contact Student services.

Here you can download the current guidelines concerning payment for teaching by the hour.

Here you can download the current guidelines concerning payment for exam & grading.

You can also download table for exam settlement.

Completed exam settlement should be e-mailed to for verification - which will then forward them to the HR department, which is responsible for payment.

After your stay as a guest lecturer, you might have to fill-in a reimbursement of travel expenses concerning per diems etc. (please also download a guide).

If you have any questions, you are always more than welcome to contact our: