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Course in research communication


On 26 - 27 August, editor and project manager Peter Hyldgård and Sari Borggaard Vegendal from hold a course in research communication at Ilimmarfik.

From Ilisimatusarfik, young researchers and PhD students at the end of their education have been prioritized.

The course accommodates 16 participants, of which five seats are allocated to the Nature Institute.

The participants will work concretely with their own research and learn, amongst other things:

  • How the media looks at research and science - what do they want?
  • To angle the topic, so it will be interestingly targeted
  • Finding stories of their own research, which can be communicated widely
  • To work with the language, so the reader's interest is held captive
  • Tips and tricks for both written and oral communication
  • Press handling - good advice for when journalists call

Participants learn a variety of techniques that can help to angle and formulate content, so the sender will be read and heard.'s teachers base the course on the effective techniques that they use on


Participants from Ilisimatusarfik are:

  • Anders Øgaard

  • Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen

  • Axel Jeremiassen

  • Jens Wendel-Hansen
  • Kristine Lynge Pedersen

  • Lars Poort 

  • Mikaela Augustinussen

  • Natuk Lund Olsen

  • Rosannguaq Rossen

  • Samo Nielsen

  • Steven Arnfjord

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