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NORDKURS, summer courses in the Nordic region


NORDKURS, summer courses in the Nordic region - at Ilisimatusarfik 18 June - 16 July.

This summer, as part of NORDKURS, Ilisimatusarfik hosts a summer course in Greenlandic language and literature for Nordic students. The course includes:

  • How does a polysyntetisk and incorpererende language?
  • What is the role of fiction in a colonial and post-colonial culture?
The course for 18 participants include both a linguistic part and a literary section.

The language part will include a short intensive introduction to West Greenland speech, followed by a descriptive introduction to the Greenlandic language and an introduction to bilingualism in Greenland.

The literary part will, from translations to Danish, provide an introduction to the oral tradition and the Greenland text history, and will thus e.g., illuminate the close linkage with the development of the Greenlandic society.

Furthermore, there will be a series of lectures on aspects of Greenlandic culture and society.

The summer course is organized by Karen Langgård.

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