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Politics and Climate – the Greenlandic population's view on change and the future Greenlandic Perspectives Survey


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Greenland Perspective and Greenlandic Perspectives Survey invites you to a presentation of the first parts of results of our findings from the survey conducted in 13 Greenlandic cities and settlements across all regions of Greenland during the summer of 2018.

The presentation will focus on the Greenlandic population's view on climate and politics, and is split in two separate presentations both held in the University of Greenland, Ilisimatusarfik Auditorium, Tuesday December 11.


At 11.30 - 12.30

Greenlandic Perspectives on Climate Change - Kelton Minor & Ulunnguaq Markussen 

  • Climate Change Beliefs and Attitudes: How do peoples' views vary around Greenland? 
  • Climate Change Risk and Opportunity Perceptions: Do people think climate change will harm or benefit them and their surroundings? 
  • Impacts: Which climate impacts are people most concerned about?  
  • Climate Policy Preferences: Which climate change-related policies do residents prefer?  

At 13.30 - 14.30

The Political Landscape of Greenland - Gustav Agneman 

  • Independence: Who wants it and when? 
  • Political dimensions: Are the preferences of parties and voters the same?
  • Geographical variation: How does Nuuk differ from the rest of Greenland, and East from West, with regards to political-economic views.

Where: auditorium at Ilisimatusarfik.

When: Tuesday 11 December.

The presentations will be held in English - and you can also follow the live-streaming of the presentations on Ilisimatusarfik's YouTube-channel

Coffe/tea and cakes will be served during the presentations. Between the presentations lunch and snacks may be purchased in the university cantina.

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