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Public lecture about PhD thesis by Jette Rygaard


Jette studied the media
consumption of Greenlandic youth

Head of Department of Language, Literature & Media, Jette Rygaard, presents her PhD thesis at Ilisimatusarfik 21 March at 15.15 - followed by a reception at 16.00.

In her PhD, Jette has studied the media consumption of Greenlandic youth through quantitative and qualitative surveys of 12-25 year olds' lives with media in Greenlandic cities 1996 - 2016.

In her PhD, Jette asks questions like:

  • Which media do the young people use in their everyday lives? 
  • What interests them? 
  • What is the main challenge for the young people in relation to their media usage, such as 'access'?
  • How do these young people use media to optimize their identity and their living conditions as young locals in a globalized world?

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