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Steven Arnfjord

Associate professor, PhD, sociologist
Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism 
Department of Social Work
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
P.O. Box 1061 
3900 Nuuk
Room: C215
Phone: +299 38 56 31

Presently I'm engaged in researching the conditions and history of the Greenlandic welfare society in an Arctic perspective. This has meant a focus on social policy, poverty, gender, disability, volunteer social work, the social worker profession and homelessness. Researching Greenland's social system has also led to published studies within the sociological history of Greenland and the sociology of knowledge around the concept arctic sociology (cf. pub. list).

On a municipal and governmental level we are also researching and developing methodologies to tackle homelessness and improve social policy. Furthermore, I’m working with the spokesperson for people with disability on social research around disability. This had led to a vast social network and a seat in different social political counsels and working groups. There are books on the way covering methodology, homelessness and Greenland’s social policy.

On an everyday basis I´m heading the department of Social Sciences (social science, social work & economics) teaching (not as much as I would like) and counseling BA, MA and PhD-projects.