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Flemming Nielsen

Head of department, associate professor, ph.d.
Institute of Culture, Language & History
Department of Theology
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1 
P.O. Box 1061 
3900 Nuuk
Room: D251
Phone: +299 38 56 79

With a background in Old Testament exegesis, I am particularly interested in the history, impact history and themes of the Greenlandic Bible, which can shed light on this field. This is especially true in regards to:

  • the creation and development of the Greenlandic writing culture,
  • the religious meeting in 18th century Greenland, including the relationship between traditional shamanistic culture and Christianity,
  • shamanistic practice as a general religious phenomenon and the question of how its study can contribute to the understanding of a number of texts and problems in the Christian Bible,
  • The genesis and history of the Old Testament as a Christian text,
  • Greenland's catechetical tradition.

I am currently working on an annotated publication of the oldest preserved Greenlandic-language manuscripts, which were written by Hans Egede 1723 - 1725. As part of this work, I also examine the catechetical tradition in Greenland, which began with Hans Egede's missionary work, and which forms the beginning of the Greenlandic school. In a forthcoming article, in collaboration with Thorkild Kjærgaard, I prove that the first book printed in Greenlandic, Hans Egede's ABC from 1739, has not disappeared - although it has been the common assumption in Greenlandic literature since 1932.