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Better understanding of food and human microbiomes through collaborative research on Inuit fermented foods

Reports on fermented, animal-sourced foods made by Inuit around the circumpolar North have lacked ... Read more

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Inuit Fermentation: Animal-Based & Archaic

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The genetic history of Greenlandic-European contact

The Inuit ancestors of the Greenlandic people arrived in Greenland close to 1,000 years ago.1 Sin ... Read more

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The role of a traditional and western diet on glucose homeostasis in Greenlandic Inuit carriers and non-carriers of type 2 diabetes variant in the TBC1D4 gene: A protocol for a randomized clinical trial

The lifestyle of Inuit in Greenland and worldwide is undergoing a transition from a fisher-hunter ... Read more

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Microbiota in foods from Inuit traditional hunting

The foods we eat contain microorganisms that we ingest alongside the food. Industrialized food sy ... Read more

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A taste for nature in an Inuit perspective

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The microbial composition of dried fish prepared according to Greenlandic Inuit traditions and industrial counterparts

The practices of preparing traditional foods in the Arctic are rapidly disappearing. Traditional ... Read more

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Contamination of the Arctic reflected in microbial metagenomes from the Greenland ice sheet

Globally emitted contaminants accumulate in the Arctic and are stored in the frozen environments ... Read more

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Upstream freshwater and terrestrial sources are differentially reflected in the bacterial community structure along a small Arctic river and its estuary

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Bacterial diversity in snow on North Pole ice floes

The microbial abundance and diversity in snow on ice floes at three sites near the North Pole was ... Read more

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Draft Genome Sequence of the Psychrophilic and Alkaliphilic Rhodonellum psychrophilum Strain GCM71T

Rhodonellum psychrophilum GCM71(T), isolated from the cold and alkaline submarine ikaite columns ... Read more

Consultancy | Rådgivning > Contribution to professional statement | Bidrag til faglig redegørelse
Biorefining and Biotechnology Opportunities in the West Nordic Region

The West Nordic region holds promising opportunities to improve utilisation, sustainability and v ... Read more