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Lene Seibæk

RN, MHH, PhD, professor & head of research
Institute of Health & Nature
Greenland Center for Health Research
Ilimmarfik, Manutooq 1
P.O. Box 1061
3900 Nuuk
Phone: +45 41 57 31 43


Over the past 20 years, LS has led, completed, and published research projects within nursing and health using both qualitative and quantitative research methods. As researcher with close connection to clinical practice, LS has focused on basic and surgical care, and on patient pathways refrecting a holistic approach to patient and family. In addition, LS has developed and tested methods for increased citizen, patient and relative involvement.

LS supervises and teaches nurses and doctors at bachelor, master's and PhD level (including PhD main supervision), performs assessment tasks, prepares and assesses fund applications, and contributes to the development of university education courses and career paths.

In addition LS is a senior researcher at Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics, Aarhus University Hospital and affiliated with the Center for Patient Involvement Research (ResCenPI), Department of Public Health, Aarhus University in Denmark.

Currently, LS is concerned with continued development of the research environment in the Department of Nursing and Health Sciences. The goal is to create further research-based knowledge of health and disease in the Greenlandic society, in close collaboration with Greenland Center for Health Research.