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Kirsten Føns

Assistant Professor & PhD student
Institute of Learning
C E Jansensvej 2 
P.O. Box 1026 
3900 Nuuk
Phone: +299 38 57 21
Room: Ilinniarfissuaq

I am employed as an assistant professor & PhD student (2019 - 2025) with the following title:

"Outdoor schooling as a teaching method to promote learning and motivation in the Greenlandic primary school".

In my PhD project I investigate if and how outdoor schooling can be a suitable pedagogical-didactical working form in the Greenlandic primary school. The project is conducted as an action research project in close collaboration with schools and teachers to develop didactic designs in outdoor education in a Greenlandic context. Place-based learning, the Greenlandic nature and culture and local resources are sought to be included in the development of teaching programmes and didactic designs in all school subjects and in interdisciplinary programmes.

As a pedagogical working method, outdoor schooling is pupil-involving and creates connections to the world the pupil knows outside school (Jordet 1998, 2010), which provides pupils with increased motivation and deep learning (Ladekjær, Jacobsen, and Jensen 2018; Bølling et al. 2018; Otte 2018; Nielsen et al. 2016; Fägerstam and Blom 2013). Studies have shown that this form of place-based learning is well suited among children growing up in isolated areas, which is the condition of many village schools in Greenland (Sianturi, Chiang, and Hurit 2018; Borden and Wiseman 2016; Boyer 2006;). It is the project's assumption that outdoor schooling developed in a Greenlandic context will promote motivation and learning.