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Lars Demant-Poort

Associate professor, PhD
Institute of Learning
C E Jansensvej 2 
P.O. Box 1026 
3900 Nuuk
Phone: +299 38 57 12
Room: Ilinniarfissuaq

I have worked with schools and education in Greenland since 2002 - and with research since 2012. For the first ten years in Greenland, I was affiliated with the Greenlandic primary schools, first as a teacher and from 2008 as a consultant for natural science. In 2012, I began my PhD on natural science didactics, with primary schools as the empirical field.

As a researcher in natural science didactics, I focus on nature as a concept, teachers' understanding of teaching - including how the scientific linguistic register becomes part of the teaching environment. The organizational framework for teaching is and has been an area of research, as is the historical development of subject(s) in Greenland.

Through participation in the Joint Science Education Project since 2017, I focus on both high school students' understanding of natural science, and on how an inquiry perspective impacts learning - in a master learning context between active researchers and high school students.

Finally, I have a general focus on the student perspective in relation to teaching in primary school.