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Institute of Culture, Language & History

Institute of Learning

  • Cecilie Molander Pedersen: "Promoting Mental Well-being in Children in Greenland"
  • Ivalu Mathiassen: "Students' syllable and morphimic reading strategies in the youngest classes. A study of reading instruction in a didactic design perspective in the subject Greenlandic"
  • Kirsten Føns: "Outdoor schooling as a form of teaching to promote learning and motivation in the Greenlandic primary school. An intervention research project on the development of outdoor schooling in Greenland"
  • Louise Pindstrup Andersen: "The School Designing Teaching towards Progressing Pupils to a Youth Education Programme"

Institute of Health & Nature

  • Anna Maria Andersson: "Investigation of atopic dermatitis in Greenland; distinct genotypes, phenotypes and immunotypes"
  • Birgitte Hamann Laustsen: "Occupational diseases and accidents in the fisheries and fishing industry in Greenland"
  • Christine Ingemann: "From manual to practice: the implementation process of the parent preparation programme MANU 0-1 - A qualitative study in dialogue with practice"
  • Hjalte Larsen: "Study of heart failure in Greenland"
  • Mette Schlüter: "Living with uncertainty in old age - an ethnographic exploration of the experience of old age in Greenland"
  • Mie Møller: "Aspects of Covid-19 in Greenland"
  • Nick Duelund: "Vision screening of Greenlandic children"
  • Paneeraq Noahsen: "Thyroid function and autoimmunity among populations in Greenland with 10 and 20 years follow-up
  • Trine Louise Jul Larsen: "Use of Artificial Intelligence and Telemedicine Solutions for the Study of Diabetic Eye Disease in Greenland"

Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism

  • Anders Jørgensen: "Church law and its methodology - elucidated on the basis of specific issues"
  • Anne Lise Kappel: "Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Greenland"
  • David Turesson: "The entrepreneurial environment of smaller island jurisdictions - A comparative study of systems of entrepreneurship in economically developed small islands"
  • Fang Fang: "Cultural Intelligence: the development and evidence in global virtual teams"
  • Ivalo Adolfsen Arnfjord: "Children's kindergarten in Greenland - between profession, vision & children's perspective"
  • Lene Møller: "The development of the Greenlandic legal society viewed in a legal sociological perspective"
  • Mathilde Salskov Sams: "Resocialization of people with sexually abusive behavior in Greenland: A qualitative study of opportunities and challenges associated with resocializing efforts"
  • Natuk Lund Olsen: "Kalaalimernit: Greenlandic Foods, Cultural Identity and Changes
  • Parnuna Egede: "Environmental impact assessment of resource development projects in the Arctic - and the application of traditional knowledge
  • Samo Nielsen: "Decision-Making Process in Extractive Industry Development in Greenland"
  • Sara Olsvig: "'Win the hearts and minds': Superpower influence on national self-determination. How relations between Greenland and the US affect Greenland’s self-determination in times of increased international focus and tension in the Arctic"
  • Signe Ravn-Højgaard: "The Role of the Media in Greenland’s General Public"

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