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Teaching nursing students via e-learning


The Institute of Nursing and Health Science makes use of the latest technology while teaching - to the benefit of all.

During the next few months, our nursing students are taught via e-learning in the subject of Anatomy and Physiology. Out of a total of 120 lessons, at least 75 lessons take place via the online conference system Adobe Connect, where our students are in Nuuk while the teacher is in Denmark.

The background for teaching via e-learning is very simple. Head of Institute Suzanne Møller says:

"We find it difficult to recruit for a longer period of time, so e-learning is a great way for us. Instead of a lecturer coming to Nuuk to teach intensively for a short period, we use e-learning to spread out the teaching over a longer period of time. This is also better for the students' overall learning."

After a short stay in Nuuk, lecturer Nabil Karas will physically be in Vejle at University College Lillebælt and teach our nursing students via e-learning .. and Nabil is very confident:

"Although this teaching method requires self-discipline and responsibility, all the students are very dedicated and are good at helping each other."

There are numerous advantages for using e-learning while teaching. The students e.g. have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the teaching material when they have the time - which also gives a good opportunity to revise what they immediately do not understand before exams.

The Institute of Nursing and Health Science is also in the process of planning Microbiology via e-learning, online lectures etc.


Department of Translation and Interpreting also teaches the course Method and Communication via e-learning - and has previously also taught Greenlandic grammar online.

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