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Journalist education for 35 years


This year, Ilisimatusarfik celebrates the 35 year anniversary for the Greenlandic journalist education - of which the last ten years have been as part of University of Greenland.

The anniversary is marked e.g., by the publication of the book "Tusagassiornermik ilinniartitsineq 1982-2017 – Journalistuddannelsen i Grønland 1982-2017". The book describes why and how Greenland got its own journalist education.

The 35 years of the education is vividly described by some of the key people in the development of the education, including the transition to becoming a bachelor education in 2008. Former students tell about their experiences, and past and present heads of the education describe the challenges the education has had to fight with. 

The journalist education in Greenland has graduated many journalists throughout its existence - and more are coming. But the education is small and has also been exposed to several "assassination attempts" over the years - so far without success. 

Today, the education has taken its first step towards becoming a research based education, and now we have plans for establishing a further education beyond the bachelor's degree. That is a desirable development for a small but significant education in Greenland.

Contributors to the book are among many others Aqqaluk Lynge, Ole Ramlau-Hansen, Svend Møller, Rie Rasmussen, Ole Marquardt, Sofia Geisler, Naimah Hussain, Malînánguaq Marcussen-Mølgaard, Noah Mølgaard and Tungutaq Larsen.

The book also contains pictures from all the graduations throughout the history of the education.

The book is published in Danish and Greenlandic, with a summary in English.

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