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With brush and knife


Students from the teacher programme exhibit a series of paintings at Ilinniarfissuaq - which they have made with their guest teacher Henrik Saar.

The exhibit is titled "With brush and knife". 

Based on the basic concepts of geometry: the equilateral triangle, square and circle - as well as the phenomena of polygons - a thorough introduction has been given to the components that explain the reflections concerning image composition and shape and color of modern paintings.

The importance of dialogue is also emphasized in the students' way of working, as they work together 2 and 2. In the paintings, naturally they have worked with a brush, but in some cases also with a knife - to create texture and movement in the paintings. Likewise, a fork or other gear could have been used. Focus has been placed on "Contemporary Art", which constantly puts the picture into a relationship between the historical tradition and cultural relations, including the multicultural aspect.

The students have all been part of a course that by experience can be implemented immediately in primary and lower secondary schools from the 5th grade, as well as in adult education in high schools or similar.


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