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Collaboration, Dialogue and Trust


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Dialogue and Trust"

New book focuses on combining art, philosophy, psycho-social methods and research in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland). For four years, "Project Siunissaq", in collaboration with more than 600 young people, conducted workshops at schools in Tasiilaq, Nanortalik, Maniitsoq, Atammik and Kangerlussuaq - and held a series of events in collaboration with the local people in the mentioned towns and settlements.

'Siunissaq' means the future - and the book is a look into the principles and methods developed during the journey in Siunissaq. It is about working in dialogue-based processes, it is about listening, being open to one another and being able to create change together. It happens where young people, their families, teachers, social workers and artists come together to share knowledge, create change and give power to a collective and democratic movement - a social movement that includes everyone and creates action and courage.

The book's two authors helped launch the Siunissaq project in 2015 and an active part of the development to this day - in respect and dialogue with local people. The book provides examples of collaboration, development and shared experiences in both school and community-based art events in the urban space of Tasiilaq, Nanortalik, Maniitsoq, Atammik and Kangerlussuaq.

The very combination of artistic methods and psycho-social workshops is at the heart of Siunissaq: being able to use creativity to open up traumatized experiences. The will to change, to want to live, to the commonality of towns and settlements - and together to build safe and well-functioning communities with a high degree of inclusion and with common goals for the future.

Collaboration, Dialogue and Trust can be read as a journey portraying unfamiliar territory - focusing on developing new methods to create resilience. To create something together is to jump into life with an open mind and ensure that everyone is heard and seen that human rights are respected - that these are democratic processes and that everyone is taken seriously and treated with respect. The methods and thoughts in the book suggest a new direction of inclusion and equal rights for all, which can inspire and debate anyone interested in their fellow human beings.

About the authors

Peter Berliner, born in Tasiilaq, Professor of Community Psychology at Ilisimatusarfik and head of the university's Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research. Has written a number of articles and books on social psychology and social resilience in the Arctic and globally.

Tina Enghoff, photographer and visual artist, based on political and social issues. Has published several books and exhibited internationally at museums and art galleries. Enghoff uses photography and video and in recent years has also focused on creating works in dialogue-based outreach projects in Greenland, Norway and Denmark.

The book is published by Ilisimatusarfik and Siunissaq with support from Ilisimatusarfik and Bikubenfonden.

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