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A tribute to the Greenlandic sled dog in photos and text


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"The Greenland Sled Dog is an amazing and charismatic animal. It is strong and characterful as well as adaptable beyond almost anything else. It can engage an enraged polar bear on the sea ice and pull heavy sleds loaded with tourists or meat and fish. The following day it runs furiously and determinedly to win the annual dog sled race" (quote from the introduction of the book).

It is this unique animal that award-winning photographer Carsten Egevang portrays in the new book: “QIMMEQ – The Greenland Sled Dog”. Egevang makes use of black and white photography using contrasts to focus on the present-day use of the sled dog in Greenland and on the strong bond between humans and sled dogs. The book has contributions by 14 expert authors from the Qimmeq Project with preface by His Royal Highness Crown Prince Frederik. Also, the voice of the Greenlandic dog sled mushers is heard through interviews by Manumina Lund Olsen, PhD-student at the University of Greenland.

See more about the book here.

The book also gives a heads up on the Qimmeq Project which has been spear-headed by the University of Greenland through the last four years. The project which is anchored in Greenlandic society consist of a team of 25 engaged students, researchers, photographers, film instructors, and out-reach specialists have studied and communicated sled dogs’ genetics, health, behaviour, and cultural history. It has been an amazing journey and we have travelled further than we ever dreamt about producing films, schoolbooks, travelling exhibits, novel facts about the origin of the sled dog, its culture history and much more. Today we publish a booklet where you can read more about the Qimmeq Projects results and plans.

Find the booklet here

In December 2019 the cultural communicator, Pipaluk Lykke organized a national workshop with the purpose of discussing ideas and recommendations aimed at protecting and developing the Greenlandic sled dog and sled dog culture. The Qimmeq Project contributed together with grass-root organizations, official representatives and other stake holders. The booklet with recommendations is published today.

Find the recommendations here.

Among the 27 recommendations are:

  • Establishment of a school dedicated to educating the practice of sled dog keeping and driving
  • Developing veterinary tele-medicine
  • Continuing research and outreach on the sled dog and the culture

This spring the Greenlandic parliament - Inatsisartut - will decide on the future of the sled dog. It is our hope that the information and facts collected by the Qimmeq Project and the recommendations from Pipaluk Lykke’s workshops will help the politicians decide the necessary actions.

Book release: Copenhagen, March 6.

Press photos (for more photos from the book, or review copy, please contact Carsten Egevang).


  • About the book, Carsten Egevang (, +4520788099)
  • About the recommendations, Pipaluk Lykke: (, +4521266767)
  • About the Qimmeq Projectet, Morten Meldgaard (, +299581955)



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