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Ilisimatusarfik shuts down


shuts down

Ilisimatusarfik shuts down due to the directions from the Epidemic Commission and the Greenlandic authorities, 18 March 2020

Because of this, Ilisimatusarfik's management has decided to put these actions in place.

The new actions are in effect immediately, and remain until otherwise announced:

  • Ilisimatusarfik is shut down and locked. Staff can pick up work-related items until Friday, 20 March 20 at 16.00 (remember physical key).
  • All unnecessary activities are shut down at Ilisimatusarfik - and physical study activities stop (i.e., physical teaching in classrooms stops).
  • With immediate effect, students should therefore not come to Ilisimatusarfik (both campus Ilimmarfik and Ilinniarfissuaq).

  • Campus Ilimmarfik and Ilinniarfissuaq will be cleaned as soon as possible.
  • All educational programmes have drawn up action plans concerning self-study and / or distance teaching in collaboration with the lecturers. Information is sent to all students as soon as possible.
  • Students must continue to be active in their studies - and will therefore still receive educational support.
  • All staff not needed for Ilisimatusarfik's critical operations are sent home - until otherwise announced.
  • Only staff performing critical functions should be physically present at Ilisimatusarfik. It is the heads of departments who determines, which staff is required for Ilisimatusarfik's critical operations.
  • All staff travel is still suspended.
  • All events are canceled or postponed.
  • Students who have planned a semester abroad for the fall semester 2020 are not affected at this time - but we urge the students to regularly visit the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark for updates.
  • Returning students and staff who have been abroad must go into quarantine for 14 days after returning to Greenland. The guidelines of the Epidemic Commission and the Greenland authorities must be followed in this regard.
  • At the same time, Ilisimatusarfik encourages all students and staff to follow the recommendations of the Epidemic Commission and the Greenlandic authorities in relation to physical contact in daily life. This means good hand hygiene - as well as avoiding handshakes, kisses and hugs.

Of course, this is a very unfamiliar situation, and it will require a lot of us all in the near future.

We will also encounter many questions that we probably do not have answers to yet - but I hope for everyone's understanding.

Gitte Adler Reimer

Rector, Ilisimatusarfik

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