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Digitization for the next generations


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Coding Class, a teaching course that brings coding and digitization to the young children in primary school, has come to Greenland, and is now to be a larger part of the Greenlandic education system. On Monday 08 March 2021 TELE-POST signed a cooperation agreement with University of Greenland, which will bring a pilot course to the Institute of Learning.

Britta Lohmann, head of institute, says:

"The collaboration with TELE-POST is very important to us - both because it helps to create a bridge between University of Greenland and the Greenlandic business community, but also because it equips teachers of the future to be able to teach new digital skills".

TELE-POST will help bring the next generation forward in the digital world, and make sure they get the best possible digital skills. The teaching project with University of Greenland will help to focus on sustainable development, which among other things focuses on quality education. An education that gives future teachers the skills to bring the digital world to the next generations.

TELE-POST's HR Director, Helena Rotvig Kristiansen says:

"We are pleased to form a collaboration between University of Greenland and TELE-POST. It is a step closer to a more digitalised Greenland. We at TELE-POST are pleased to be able to contribute to the opportunity to train the teachers of the future in digitization, which they can bring to all children throughout the country in the future".

Students at the Institute of Learning can now choose the experimental course "technology understanding". The course will begin in Spring 2021, as a start, and take place until Spring 2022. The teaching is carried out by 2 IT didactic consultants, who will also be involved in developing a course around technology understanding, which is taught at the Institute of Learning.

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