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Kenya in South Greenland


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Anders Øgaard from the Institute of Learning has made a study of English as distance learning in schools (the study is in Danish).

Pupils at two settlement schools in Greenland had weekly conversations with a distance learning teacher in Kenya for a period of one school year.

After an introductory phase involving all pupils and their Greenlandic teachers, the conversations took place individually for the pupils.

The teacher in Kenya communicated with the pupils in English, and they communicated back in English, Greenlandic, Danish - and by using drawings, symbols and body language. The conversations lasted from five minutes up to an hour.

The learning outcomes were that the pupils developed, or began to develop, functional oral English.

The study found that pupils at all grade levels and all academic levels benefited from distance learning. It can be concluded that distance learning can be used to develop pupils' functional oral English, which in this study was their second foreign language. Their active English skills were strengthened, which was also about overcoming reluctance and shyness to use and engage in a foreign language. Subject learning outcomes were thus linked to success in developing independence, self-management, communicative competence and collaboration skills in pupils.

The study also found that successful distance learning can require collaboration between multiple functions - and thus can be usefully considered as pedagogical development and organisational development.

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