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Security Policy in the Arctic and North Atlantic


The book "Sikkerhedspolitik i Arktis og Nordatlanten" ("Security Policy in the Arctic and North Atlantic") by Jon Rahbek-Clemmensen (editor) and Camilla Tenna Nørup Sørensen (editor) has almost just been published.

Sara Olsvig and Rasmus Leander Nielsen from Ilisimatusarfik both contributed to the book.

About the book

The US gears up in the Arctic and North Atlantic, and signs new agreements with Nuuk and Tórshavn. Russian submarines and aircraft could threaten Greenland and the Faroe Islands, which are also part of China's plans for a "Polar Silk Road". Climate change opens up new shipping routes and the extraction of oil, gas and minerals. At the same time, Greenlandic and Faroese aspirations for independence are making the Danish Realm creak.

Security Policy in the Arctic and North Atlantic is the first book to examine the way in which the Danish Realm and the Danish Defence meet a new security policy reality in the Arctic and North Atlantic. Is conflict between the US, Russia and China inevitable in the polar region? Is the Danish Realm equipped to handle the growing great power competition, or will internal disagreements cause the Faroe Islands and Greenland to pursue their own ways? What will be the future role of the Danish Defence in the region?

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