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We must strengthen local knowledge partnerships


By Josephine Nymand, chair of the Greenlandic Research Council and Gitte Adler Reimer, rector of Ilisimatusarfik

"We conduct research to gain new knowledge and help solve society's challenges. Research helps us to understand our society and to shape its social and cultural development. The uptake of new knowledge in society creates the basis for new collaborations, and can be a direct source of efficiency gains, product development or new jobs. 

Greenland needs research that supports sustainable societal development and benefits all relevant stakeholders. Developing this research requires strong partnerships between researchers, citizens, administrations and businesses, so that the research is taken up and activated in society and has an impact.

Greenlandic research to be prioritised over external consultancy

Today, Greenlandic research institutions are contributing important new knowledge that is helping to move both society and research forward. Unfortunately, we are currently seeing examples of ongoing Greenlandic research projects being neglected in favour of external consultancy work. At best, this is a waste of resources. It is therefore important that we make visible the research we have in the country, which must be put into play through various collaborations with administrations, companies and other local actors, in order to ensure the long-term anchoring and building of knowledge in Greenland.

It is the clear ambition of Ilisimatusarfik and the Greenlandic Research Council to help strengthen and support collaboration between researchers, citizens, administrations and businesses, so that we can jointly identify knowledge needs and ensure the greatest possible use of new knowledge."

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