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"Naalakkersuisut aims to reduce homelessness as much as possible. Prevention must be achieved through support and guidance before citizens lose their homes and end up homeless.

To strengthen cooperation in this area, Naalakkersuisut will establish a national forum concerning homelessness. The forum will consist of the key actors in the field - those who work with homeless citizens or citizens at risk of homelessness.

Naalakkersuisoq for Social Affairs & Labor, Mimi Karlsen, says: "It is important that we bring together the professionals who work with vulnerable citizens on a daily basis. Naalakkersuisut wants to listen to professionals who can come up with good, realistic proposals for how we can reduce the number of homeless people and help those who are already homeless. In addition, the purpose of the forum is to discuss and inspire each other, as many issues are similar."

The forum concerning homelessness will contribute to the exchange of experiences between municipalities and actors on homelessness interventions. The forum also aims to provide advice and guidance to Naalakkersuisut on all matters relating to homeless people.

The forum consists of professionals who work with homeless people in practice or in administrative capacities. The forum is composed so that its members represent a broad professional insight into homeless issues across the whole country. Forum members can contribute insights into their areas of expertise and act as sparring partners on issues relating to homeless people.

The forum will include representatives from the municipalities, Kofoed School and Ilisimatusarfik.

The first meeting of the forum will be held in autumn 2021 and will focus on issues to be worked on in the future."

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