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Arctic Circle Assembly

Again this year, Ilisimatusarfik participated in the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland during 10 - 12 October .. with management, researchers and students.

Here is a brief overview of e.g., our researchers' presentations:

  • During the session: "Greenland’s emerging foreign policy questions" - Rasmus Leander Nielsen did a presentation titled: "Punching Above its (De Jure) Weight: The Evolution of Para-Diplomacy in Greenland from the Early 1970s to Today"
  • During the session: "Increasing engagement between the Greenland and US research communities - bridging the gap" - Natuk Lund Olsen did a presentation
  • During the session: "Technology transfer and the Arctic - mobilizing science across the Nordics" - Javier L. Arnaut did a presentation
  • During the session: "Arctic (in)securities: old and new" - Maria Ackrén did a presentation titled: "The Triangle Drama of Pituffik/Thule?"
  • Greenland Perspective, Ilisimatusarfik and Copenhagen University hosted a session titled: "Greenlandic perspectives on environmental change - visual insights from a national survey"
  • During the session: "The West Nordic region and Arctic governance: celebrating the West Nordic Studies programme" - Maria Ackrén did a presentation titled: "Regional Cooperation in the North Atlantic: The Case of the West-Nordic Council"
  • During the session: "Diversity in unity / Unity in diversity - the Nordic models" - Maria Ackrén did a presentation

During the entire Arctic Circle Assembly, Ilisimatusarfik also had a booth where we marketed our university, our educational programmes and our research.

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