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Introductory texts
for teacher training

This handbook will help you in your pursuit to become a teacher. You may have to read its contents several times – as studying often entails. In it, we have authored a few short texts packed with vitamins. The texts are meant to be used in conjunction with your class teaching, when you work on written assignments and when you do your internships.

The handbook also includes video clips of interviews with experts who will tell you about music teaching and about IT at school.

At the Department of Learning, researchers and university teachers are working on developing new teaching methods and work methods for the modern school. The texts and video clips are compiled by researchers and educators who follow developments in pedagogical methods and teaching and who themselves contribute to this development.

The handbook is not complete and most likely never will be, since new knowledge, new research results, new examples from schools and new ways of teaching are always being developed. Perhaps you will contribute to the handbook yourself whilst studying to become a teacher.

With this handbook, the Department of Learning wishes to help students learn how to teach. Teaching is a person taking responsibility for another person’s learning. We can read a book or see a video on YouTube if we want to learn how to prepare a birthday cake, but this is not teaching. However, if your mother shows you how to make a birthday cake, it is considered teaching. The teacher – in this case your mother – has to think about what is being taught and how the teaching is carried out.

The task of teaching something to another person is not easy. Much teaching is an attempt to transfer knowledge from one person (the teacher) to another (the student or pupil). However, knowledge is not learned until the recipient seizes the opportunity to learn.

You need to know about mathematics to become a good maths teacher. However, this is not the most important thing. The most important prerequisite for the pupil’s professional development is the teacher’s ability to spot what the pupil is or is not capable of and how they can progress and build on that. A teacher should be academically strong, but at the same time a skilled teacher should have insight into how children learn.

School teachers are very important for the future society: It is teachers who ensure that the population learns the skills they need to benefit both society and the individual alike. 

Teaching is indeed a great and very important responsibility.

As a welcome gift to the teacher training programme, and as a new student at the Department of Learning, you will receive this handbook, which will be continuously updated with new and current articles.

Enjoy your studies.

Editorial group at the Department of Learning.

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