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Five million for new research project


Ilisimatusarfik has been awarded five million for a new research project on sustainable development of coastal communities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs was responsible for the process, including the preparation of the application to the Nordic Council of Ministers.

In total, the Nordic Council of Ministers has allocated 15 million over three years to the project, of which five goes to a pool managed by Ilisimatusarfik. In addition, the remaining funds are shared between Pinngortitaleriffik and Imarsiornermik Ilinniarfik.

At Ilisimatusarfik, Head of Institute Gestur Hovgaard, who has been in charge of the research proposal, will act as project manager. However, the plan is to employ a researcher, who will conduct the specific research tasks.

The project contains of three subsidiary goals, the first of which is to work towards more sustainable utilization of fishery resources - a joint Nordic project led by Pinngortitaleriffik.

In order to ensure this, the project will, in the light of increased fisheries research, be able to provide better biological advice, which will provide the basis for sustainable utilization of fish stocks.

The second subsidiary goal focuses on the development and mapping of so-called sustainable 'value chains' in the Nordic coastal community. This means that the community in question is viewed from an economic, social and cultural sustainability perspective. This project is led by Ilisimatusarfik and is being carried out in collaboration with other Nordic research institutions.

The third and final subsidiary goal is to help reduce the number of accidents at sea. This is done by establishing a learning portal as well as developing and organizing courses in basic maritime knowledge in primary schools for pupils from 13 years of age. Imarsiornermik Ilinniarfik is the leader of this part of the project - again in collaboration with other Nordic partners.

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