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Danish Arts Foundation and the Arts Council Norway have granted 1.000.000,- kroner to Ilisimatusarfik to carry out a study on whether art contributes to creating living and sustainable social communities in towns and settlements in Greenland by creating new perspectives, learning and social values in the community.

The research project will be carried out at Ilisimatusarfik by Peter Berliner, professor of community psychology and social work - and head of Ilisimatusarfik’s Centre for Children, Youth & Family Research. This is done in close collaboration with photographer and visual artist Tina Enghoff, who works with social issues in her pictures and exhibitions. Tina Enghoff has exhibited internationally at museums and galleries and has in recent years worked with outreach projects in Greenland.

The research project is a continuation of the experiences that have been made in the projects Paamiut Asasara and Siunissaq uagut pigaarput over the past more than ten years - two projects implemented with support from the Bikuben Foundation and other funds.

The project is titled ART AND COMMUNITIES - VISIBILITY, SATISFACTION, VISION and it is a 2-year project that will examine the active role of art in creating sustainable and socially resilient communities in smaller towns and settlements. It will examine how art can create reflection and open up new perspectives and thereby give concrete visions to promote the community and the cohesion that you want in small communities. The research will be follow-up research in connection with concrete photo-based events, where photos are used to create open and democratic urban spaces and social sustainability rooted in the Greenlandic society. The project is carried out on the basis of participatory research methods, where all locals who wish to participate are given full insight and co-determination in all phases of the research.

The research project is followed by a reference group that includes Rector Gitte Adler Reimer, Ilisimatusarfik; Mette Sandbye, Professor and Head of Institute, Institute of Art and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen; Louise Wolthers, PhD in art history, curator and researcher in photography aesthetics at Hasselbladstiftelsen, Göteborg; Head of Institute Gestur Hovgaard, Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism, Ilisimatusarfik.

For further information, please contact Peter Berliner at e-mail or phone +299285634.

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