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Again this year, funds have been distributed from Ilisimatusarfik's Strategic Research & Development Pool.

All employees and students at Ilisimatusarfik can apply for funds from the pool - and it is used for a number of activities that fall outside normal operation or strengthen areas that are particularly important for the following purposes:

  1. Research & education
  2. Interdisciplinary research and development projects
  3. Research and development relating to the relationship between education and the needs of the surrounding community
  4. Projects that optimize Ilisimatusarfik's administrative operations and development potential

This year, focus has been on distributing funds for projects that involve or include students.

The following projects have been awarded funds:

  • Annemette Nyborg Lauritsen: project title "Sentenced to custody - enforcement of measures for intellectually disabled adults convicted under Greenland's Criminal Code". Amount awarded: 37.800,- DKK
  • Aviaja Lyberth Hauptmann: project title "UMAMI - an interdisciplinary research project on fermentation in Greenland". Amount awarded: 56.945,- DKK
  • Britta Lohman: project title "Ilinniarfissuaq 175th anniversary as an educational institution". Amount awarded: 70.000,- DKK
  • Ivalu I. Mathiassen: project title "Pupil's syllable and morphemic reading strategies in the youngest years. A study of reading teaching in a didactic perspective in the subject Greenlandic". Amount awarded: 50.000,- DKK
  • Kirsten Føns: project title "Action research-based school development project on outdoor school development at Narsap Atuarfia". Amount awarded: 50.000,- DKK
  • Laila H. Pedersen: project title "Foreign language pedagogy in Greenland and the outside world focusing on prepositions". Amount awarded: 50.000,- DKK
  • Lars Oksen Demant-Poort: project title "Teacher students (natural science) as participants in the Joint Science Education Project (JSEP)". Amount awarded: 60.000,- DKK
  • Peter Berliner: project title "BUFFI". Amount awarded: 50.000,- DKK
  • Peter Berliner: project title "Students' participation in community research - the totality of research, development and education". Amount awarded: 50.000,- DKK
  • Rasmus Leander Nielsen: project title "Field studies at Greenland's representation in Washington & Reykjavik". Amount awarded: 30.000,- DKK
  • Signe Ravn-Højgaard: project title "Fieldtrips to Kangaamiut og Maniitsoq". Amount awarded: 33.704,- DKK
  • Steven Arnfjord: project title "Social planning approach to homelessness in Greenland". Amount awarded: 30.000,- DKK
  • Tuperna Kristensen: project title "The role of the university in society and for young people's learning". Amount awarded: 65.000,- DKK

This year, a total of 633.449,- DKK was distributed.

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