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Inuit Studies Conference

Researchers from Ilisimatusarfik also did various presentations during this year's Inuit Studies Conference - held in Montreal during 03 - 06 October 2019.

Here is a brief overview of their presentations:

  • Louise Andersen did a presentation titled: "Schoolchildren’s classroom experiences in the Greenlandic primary school system"
  • Javier Arnaut did a presentation titled: "Historical and economic legacies in Greenland: new data and persistent issues"
  • Peter Berliner did a presentation titled: "From nameless whisper to social transformation: expressions of social resilience by young people in Kalaallit Nunaat (Greenland)"
  • Birgit Kleist Pedersen did a presentation titled: "Transcultural transgression & transformation, with focus on Greenlandic avantgarde performance"
  • Rosannguaq Rossen did a presentation titled: "The West Greenlandic National costume on the fashion runway"
  • Also, Birgit Kleist Pederson and Rosannguaq Rossen organized two sessions titled: "Greenland 1: Understanding contemporary Greenland - Language" and "Greenland 2: Understanding contemporary Greenland - Media & Literature"
  • Manumina Lund Jensen did a presentation titled: "Qimmeq: Greenlandic sled dogs"
  • Kennet Pedersen did a presentation titled: "Ambivalent ambiguities: recollections of shamanism (angakkuersaarneq) in East Greenland"

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