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March 2018

Welcome to a brand new edition of our monthly newsletter Ilisimatusarfik newsletter - Shaping the Arctic.

In this edition, you can read about:

  • Graduation 2018
  • New head of institute
  • PhD defense by Jette Rygaard
  • Researchers receive funds
  • Visit by Aasiaat High School
  • Application round 2018
  • Students abroad
  • Guest students at Ilisimatusarfik
  • Greetings from a Dartmouth student
  • Solution Camp
  • .. and much more 



Graduation 2018

Friday 23 February 2018 is a celebratory day at Ilisimatusarfik, and especially for our two institutes at campus Ilimmarfik: Institute of Social Science, Economics & Journalism and Institute of Culture, Language & History, where 33 bachelors and 8 masters graduate.

By the numbers - graduating bachelors, by department:

  • Department of Journalism: 1
  • Department of Culture & Social History: 10
  • Department of Translation & Interpreting: 6
  • Department of Social Science: 4
  • Department of Social Work: 10
  • Department of Language, Literature & Media: 2

By the numbers - graduating masters, by department:

  • Department of Culture & Social History: 2
  • Department of Social Science: 2
  • Department of Language, Literature & Media: 4
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New head of institute

Former rector, head of department, associate professor, PhD. & dr.theol. Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen (born 1951) starts as new head of institute of the Institute of Culture, Language & History on 01 March.

Institute of Culture, Language & History includes the programmes Language, Literature & MediaCulture & Social HistoryTheology and Translation & Interpreting.

Aage Rydstrøm-Poulsen received his PhD in theology in 1993, and became dr.theol. in 2002 - both from University of Copenhagen. 

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PhD defense by Jette Rygaard

Friday 09 March 2018, Jette Rygaard defends her PhD at Aalborg University.

In her PhD, Jette has studied the media consumption of Greenlandic youth through quantitative and qualitative surveys of 12-25 year olds' lives with media in Greenlandic cities 1996 - 2016.

In her PhD, Jette asks questions like:

  • Which media do the young people use in their everyday lives? 
  • What interests them? 
  • What is the main challenge for the young people in relation to their media usage, such as 'access'?
  • How do these young people use media to optimize their identity and their living conditions as young locals in a globalized world?
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Researchers receive funds

Naalakkersuisoq for Education, Culture, Research & Church has recently distributed funds. In this connection, two of our researchers received funding:

Naalakkersuisoq for Education, Culture, Research & Church distributed funds for a total of DKK 2.657.062,35,-.

See the complete list of distributed funds
Visit by Aasiaat High School

20 and 21 February 2018, pupils from Aasiaat High School visited Ilisimatusarfik.

During their visit, the pupils participated in lectures at the Teaching educationNursing education - and they also participated in lectures in Translation & Interpreting and Culture and Social History.

Besides participating in lectures, the pupils were also introduced to Ilisimatusarfik, our many different educational programmes - and some of our research projects.

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Application round 2018

We are now in the process of reviewing all the applications we have received for Ilisimatusarfik - with semester start September 2018.

We are looking forward to sending out information to all our applicants soon - and even more to meet our upcoming new students after the summer vacation.

Did you know that you can see statistics for enrolled students for a number of years on our website?

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Students abroad

At Ilisimatusarfik, we participate in many good partnerships and network around the world - to the great benefit of our many students who go abroad during their education.

On our website, you can see an infogram of where in the world our students go abroad.

Did you know that you can also see an overview of all our partnerships and network on our website?

See infogram
Guest students at Ilisimatusarfik

Guest students are always welcome to study a semester at Ilisimatusarfik - and in recent years we have got more and more guest students through our various international partnerships and network.

On our website you can see an infogram of our guest students.

Did you know that you can also read guest students' experiences of their semester at Ilisimatusarfik on our website?

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Greetings from a Dartmouth student

Written by Elizabeth Mastrio

When I reflect on the time spent at the University of Greenland in Nuuk, it will forever be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

I feel extremely lucky to have gotten the opportunity to spend three months learning about the culture of Greenland. From the moment I arrived and was greeted by a beautiful blue sky and Per the international coordinator, I felt very welcome and comfortable.

Every day I had the chance to learn something new, whether it was at the University in a class with Greenlandic students or at home with my international roommates, I was constantly exposed to new ideas and viewpoints.

Seeing Nuuk in the fall allowed me to see the “greener” side of Greenland before the snow came, which was a very beautiful time spent hiking and going down to the beach…even winter bathing one very cold Sunday morning!

Though I only speak English, I found it very easy to navigate the city to buy groceries or go shopping.

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Solution Camp

On 21 February, many of our students participated in a so-called Solution Camp with the title: "Do you want to help solve one of Greenland's biggest challenges?"

The day was arranged in collaboration between Ilisimatusarfk and Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, where students in cooperation with employees from the municipality worked with solutions to how we as society can get the most possible young people through the education system and into working life with the best conditions for a good adult life.

Read more about the Solution Camp concept
Find publications

On our website, we have a great feature for our users: you can search among our researchers' publications.

You can search for subject, title, author etc.

The site is updated regularly - so have a look and be inspired.

Search among our researchers' publications


Do you need professional expertise - for example for an article or the like?

Then help is very close by.

On our website, we have an interactive catalogue of subjects, where you can find a researcher in different disciplines - e.g.:

Prevention of social problems
Community psychology
Global history
Greenland internationally
Humanistic health research
Inmates' conditions

The catalogue is updated on a regular basis - so visit the site once in a while.

Ilisimatusarfik.participation in conferences, seminars

The World

Our researchers often participate in conferences, seminars, teaching etc. around the world.

Network meeting: Universitat d'Andorra (Gestur Hovgaard, 27 February - 05 March 2018)
Nordplus teaching: Oslo, Norway (Ebbe Volquardsen, 12 - 14 March 2018)
Nordlys network meeting: Stavanger, Norway (Per Arnfjord, 11 - 15 June 2018)

You can easily find contact info for all our staff on our website.

Ilisimatusarfik.research projects


At Ilisimatusarfik we have various ongoing research projects - e.g.:

Centre for children, youth & family research
Arctic Oil and gas research centre
Greenland Perspective
Qimmeq - a hunt for the soul of the Greenland sled dog
Rockwell Kent
Social policy massakkut
Survey of living conditions in the Arctic
The social dynamics of homelessness in Nuuk
Tusagassiuutit 2018 - Mapping the media in Greenland

On our website, you can read more about all our current research projects.


Regularly, we have different events at Ilisimatusarfik - and there is something to everybody's liking.

In the near future, these events are on the programme:

The music in Greenland: Concerts, after parties and music schools - community and expertise in Greenlandic music life
PhD course I: Scientific competences & Arctic research
PhD course II: Research Cohort, Reproduction and Environmental Health, Community Involvement, Population Trends across the Arctic, Multidisciplinary Research
Conference: Economics and development in microstates, islands, and the Arctic (also live on YouTube)

Remember, you can always bring yourself up to date on future and past events on our website.


In the past month, Ilisimatusarfik has been mentioned in the media various places - here is a brief selection:

Far fewer Danes in Greenland (in Greenlandic and Danish) (, 28/02)
Arctic public meeting for young people (in Greenlandic and Danish) (AG, week 9, page 4, supplement)
Graduation celebration (in Greenlandic and Danish) (AG, week 9, page 44)
Traineeship down under (in Greenlandic and Danish) (AG, week 9, page 40)
Here are the new guest workers (in Greenlandic and Danish) (AG, week 9, page 7)
Far fewer Danes in Greenland (in Greenlandic and Danish) (AG, week 9, page 6)
Major challenges for critical journalism in Greenland (in Danish) (, 27/02)
Great interest in the Social Work educational programme (in Greenlandic and Danish) (, 25/02)
See photos: graduation at Ilisimatusarfik (in Greenlandic and Danish) (, 23/02)
33 new bachelors and 8 new masters graduated (in Greenlandic and Danish) (, 23/02)

You can always find an updated and complete outline of our media coverage on our website.

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