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Grønlændernes deltagelse i socialforskningen i Grønland

Den dansk dirigerede grønlandske samfundsforskning i Grønland tog for alvor fart i tiden efter An ... Read more

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§37-volapyk hjælper slet ikke de hjemløse

Research | Forskning > Paper | Paper
50 years of Arctic social policy and social work education – the Greenlandic case

Greenland is on the one hand a unique case of independent Arctic social policy development and so ... Read more

Research | Forskning > Paper | Paper
Vulnerability and social change in Greenland: How can the Greenlandic Red Cross’ national vulnerability study informs future social action

Previous social and public health research has documented a range of issues concerning vulnerabil ... Read more

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An illustration of 50 years of social administration & social work in Greenland

By 2018, Greenland has officially had an independent controlled social and labour administration ... Read more