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Practicing Legitimate Leadership in Territories of Interactions in Greenland

This chapter presents results from a project about leadership in Greenland. It discusses how lead ... Read more

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Ledelse i Grønland. COVID-19 bryder med kendte aktiviteter og rutiner i ledelsesaktiviteten

Ledelse og samarbejde diskuteres i artiklen som en kollektiv aktivitet i organisationer i Grønlan ... Read more

Research | Forskning - peer review > Comment/debate | Kommentar/debat
Processes of value co-creation in networks. An empirical study of local business networks in Denmark

Purpose – There is no agreement in the network literature about how participating in networks is ... Read more

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Ledelse i Grønland

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The Curious Stranger - 'thinking on your feet'

This paper explores the interactions and processes that empower researchers to qualify and change ... Read more