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Grønland og Færøerne - Rigsfællesskabets fængselsløse samfund

Grønland og Færøerne markerer sig med henholdsvis et meget højt og et meget lavt fangetal, selvom ... Read more

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The Political Economy of Greenland: From Colonialism to a Mixed Economy

The long-term economic performance of Greenland has been shaped by factors like climate change an ... Read more

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Environmental Sustainability and Economic Growth in Greenland: Testing the Environmental Kuznets Curve

The environmental Kuznets curve (EKC) hypothesis assumes there is an inverted U-shape relationshi ... Read more

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Greenland’s emerging social conscience – Voluntary food delivery to people experiencing homelessness in Nuuk

Greenland experienced a 5-week lockdown during the COVID-19 crisis. The lockdown effectively took ... Read more

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