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Letters from Greenland

Letters from Greenland was part of a series of 'letters' or updates about the COVID-19 situation ... Read more

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The genetic history of Greenlandic-European contact

The Inuit ancestors of the Greenlandic people arrived in Greenland close to 1,000 years ago.1 Sin ... Read more

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Grønlandsk Kultur- og Samfundsforskning 2020-21

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Norden's Borders, The Nordics: Narratives and Practices of a Region, Nordic Studies, Digiloikka Project

The Nordic Studies Online as a part of the digi-loikka project aims to create a digital learning ... Read more

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Book review: 'Blok P – Rivning som ritual?'

Blok P makes a great read for people that want to know about more than polar bears and the meltin ... Read more