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Guide til Sharing Circles i Grønland - En Metodehåndbog

Center for folkesundhed i Grønland har brugt Sharing Circles som metode ved to forskellige projek ... Read more

Communication | Formidling > Report | Rapport
Immersoqatigiiffiusumik isummersoqatigiinneq (Sharing Circle) Kalaallit Nunaanni Periutsimut najoqqutassaq

Innuttaasut Peqqissusiannik Ilisimatusarfiup 2019-imi aamma 2020-mi suliniutini assigiinngitsuni ... Read more

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Adaptation to a High Iodine Intake in Greenland Inuit Suggested by Thyroid Disease Pattern

Hyperthyroidism was frequent among Inuit and the occurrence of hypothyroidism was low. The patter ... Read more

Research | Forskning - peer review > Article | Artikel
Microbiota in foods from Inuit traditional hunting

The foods we eat contain microorganisms that we ingest alongside the food. Industrialized food sy ... Read more

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Familier og velfærd - mere udvikling, mindre behandling

Gennem de seneste årtier er den sociale ulighed i Grønland steget. Velfærdsinstitutionerne har ov ... Read more