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Die Hans-Egede-Statue

Communication | Formidling > Web publication | Netpublikation
Book review: 'Blok P – Rivning som ritual?'

Blok P makes a great read for people that want to know about more than polar bears and the meltin ... Read more

Communication | Formidling > Feature article | Kronik
Kulturhistoriker: Sådan bør vi afgøre, om statuer er bevaringsværdige

For at afgøre om et monument bør bevares eller ej, må man diskutere, om det stadigvæk bidrager ti ... Read more

Research | Forskning > Anthology | Antologi
The Postcolonial North Atlantic: Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands

Five and a half years after its first appearance as a printed book in 2014, the transdisciplinary ... Read more

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Women in the Arctic: Gendering Coloniality in Travel Narratives from the Far North, 1907-1930

Recognising the diverse roles that women have played in the history of the Arctic, both as coloni ... Read more