Peer reviewed publications


Reproductive factors, lifestyle and dietary habits among pregnant women in Greenland.
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The effects of ventilation tubes versus no ventilation tubes for recurrent acute otitis media or chronic otitis media with effusion in 9 to 36 month old Greenlandic children – The SIUTIT trial: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial.
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Other publications

Exploring challenges and possibilities in providing welfare among the elderly in southern Greenland - an exploratory study.
Nielsen, Lasse Overballe; Schlütter, Mette; Hounsgaard, Lise; Nørtoft, Kamilla Pernille Johansen; Jensen, Tenna. 2017. Poster session præsenteret ved Conference of the European Transcultural Nursing Association, Odense, Danmark. Poster

Aldringsidentitet i spændingsfeltet mellem fangersamfund og velfærdsstat.
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Report of the AMAP/EU-PolarNet Stakeholder Workshop on Arctic Health and Wellness (2016) (Greenland Center for Health Research has written section 5.1 Community health perspectives)

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