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Welcome to Greenland Science Week Dec 1-5 2019

We would like to welcome you to the Greenland Science Week – a Greenlandic Arctic Science conference surrounded by research-related workshops and public outreach.

Greenland Science Week builds bridges between science and the Greenlandic society, business community and government, and creates a networking and cooperation platform for the Greenlandic and international science community around research in the Arctic. We hope to welcome participants from a wide range of fields to this multi-disciplinary Arctic science conference and networking platform.

Greenland Science Week’s Main Events consist of a one-day conference and a one-day public outreach day. Read more about the Main Event program on this website.

  • Where: Nuuk, Greenland. Venue: Katuaq Culture House
  • Dates: December 1 – December 5 2019
  • Registration Fee: 1500 DKR (covers Main Event participation December 3-5) + 200 DKR (dinner) (optional)
  • Registration opens in Fall 2019

Leading up to the conference are GSW Events, organized by the research community. These science-based events varies from workshops, seminars and outreach activities, and have different themes, duration etc.

Read more about the GSW Events on this website.

If you would like to organize a GSW Event (science workshop, public outreach event etc.) please follow the instructions on this website.

The program and website for Greenland Science Week is under continuous development.

For more information, contact organizing committee chair Allan Olsen (Greenland Perspective),


Register here for the Greenland Science Week as a participant.

Registration opens in Fall 2019 and closes November 15 2019.

Registration fee covers participation in the GSW Main Events.

For participation in GSW Events (workshops, seminars etc.), please contact the individual organizers.

Registration Fee

  • Polar Research Day, Public Outreach Day, Welcome Reception DKK 1.500,-
  • Polar Research Day Dinner (optional) DKK 200,- 
  • Student registration (Master level and below) (not including dinner) DKK 200,-

What does my fee cover?

The fee covers participation during the Polar Research Day conference December 4 and Public Outreach Day event December 5, including lunch, snacks, tea/coffee during the two days. It also covers admission to the Welcome Reception on December 3.

The Polar Research Day dinner fee is paid separately in addition to the registration fee, and participation is optional.

Accommodation, transportation, posters, materials etc. are not covered.


Leading up to the Main Events of the Greenland Science Week are the GSW Events. The GSW Main Events are organized by the official organizing committee, whereas the GSW Events are organized by individual research institutions or scientists as a science-related add-on to the conference and public outreach day. The GSW Events play an important part in broadening and deepening the scope of the Greenland Science Week.

The Main events are covered by the registration fee, whereas the GSW Events are funded by the respective organizers.

Any participant can organize and finance a GSW Event as long as it has a science-related content. To organize a GSW Event please follow the instructions below.

Deadline for registration of GSW events is September 16 2019.

Find an overview of GSW Events, organizers and participation information here.

For more information regarding the GSW Events, please contact Ms. Verena Huppert

  • GSW Event overview download (the full event overview is available after summer 2019)
Organise event

Thank you for considering to organize a GSW Event! The contribution of the GSW Events is central to the success and outcome of the Greenland Science Week, and participation in GSW Events constitutes a large part of the in-depth take-away for the conference participants, and a great opportunity to network.
Any Greenland Science Week participant can organize a GSW Event – but there are a couple of ground rules.

The GSW Events are 100% organized and financed by the respective organizing party, and is not organized by the official GSW Organizing Committee, nor is the organization or participation in GSW Events covered by the GSW registration fee.

Deadline for registration of GSW Events is September 16 2019.

Participation in the GSW Events is open to all and free, unless otherwise stated by the organizing party.

In order for your GSW Event to appear in the overall program, we kindly ask you to follow below procedure.

Please note, that we kindly ask you to suggest two priorities regarding date and time for your Event. As we expect many events, we foresee some coordination challenges in making the overall program. We therefore reserve the right to reach out to the event organizers, in order to assist creating the best events program possible.

Register your event online following below link, using the following information:

  • Event title
  • Event theme
  • Short event description (maximum 500 characters)
  • Dates for event (please state a priority date and an alternative)
  • Event length (starting hour, ending hour) (please state a priority starting/ending hour and an alternative)
  • Venue/address
  • Participants (researchers, business professionals, public administration etc.)
  • Open to all (including public)/closed (by invitation of organizers)
  • Event language
  • Registration deadline
  • Participation fee (if applicable)
  • Participation limit (maximum number)
  • Organizer(s)
  • Full name of contact person
  • Contact person e-mail
  • Contact person phone number during GSW
  • Contact Person work place
Register event

Deadline for registration of GSW Events is September 16 2019




To make Greenland Science Week more accessible, we would like to receive the following items for mutual promotion on social media:

  • Event title
  • A short description of the event that we are free to use (maximum 250 characters)
  • A photo (high resolution preferred)


If promoting the event yourselves, please include the GSW-logo, and link to the GSW website.

Thank you very much. We really look forward to an intense and exciting week in December.


Greenland Science Week is a multi-disciplinary Arctic science conference, outreach and workshop platform that takes place in Greenland.

The cornerstone and Main Events of the program are a one-day Polar Research conference on December 4, entitled Connecting Science & Community. This is followed by a one-day public outreach day on December 5, where researchers can present their research to and interact with the Greenlandic public as well as the conference participants. The GSW Main Events are conducted mainly in English.

Read more about the Main Event program on this website.

Leading up to the conference are GSW Events, organized by the research community. These events varies from workshops, seminars and outreach activities, and have different themes, duration etc. For information or participation, please contact the respective GSW Event organizer. Read more about the GSW Events on this website.

The organizing committee of the Greenland Science Week consists of Ilisimatusarfik (University of Greenland), AAU Arctic, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq and Greenland Perspective.